Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hibernation Migration

With this frigid Midwestern winter dragging on
We writhe like rabbits denying hibernation.
Instead of accepting the emptiness of these flatlands and frost
We hold tight to the spirit of our summer furs
And prepare to migrate.


We're making the best of being stuck in the Midwest. On top of planning our trip to Meheeco Brock has been making some modifications to our battle axes. First, he sewed us new straps out of some climbing webbing.

Then, he replaced the factory attachment points with two old bolt hangers and attached them with old bail 'biners. Now we wont have to worry about dropping a geetar hundreds of feet down a narrow canyon, bouncing from ledge to ledge, all the way to the ground and exploding into a million musical pieces after coming loose in a gnarly whipper! And you know what they say, only bring it up if it could help you get down in an emergency...

Unless, of course, it's a geetar. Always bring a battle axe up your objective. If people don't hear you ripping mad riffs on your summit then well, you probably didn't actually summit.

While Brock has been doing the easy stuff like fixing up geetars and picking up chicks, I have been hard at work sussing out all the details of our trip. Doods seem to underestimate the importance of preparation in a leader. As Shred All Fear's unofficial lead geetarist I have been working everything out. After days of planning and skeeming I have come up with our official itinerary for our Meheeco trip:

Party Time USA

Rex "BonerJamz" McKenzie