Band bio

Rex "BonerJamz" Mckenzie

Brock "Freedom Ain't Free" Steel

Their birth certificate may read "Midwest" but no being with their amount of sick shred could have been conceived anywhere other than from the bowls of the molten mercury pools of Saturn's Secret Sun.  Stranded on Earth after a mission to spread the Gospel of the Shred, the two have wandered the globe for years laying down sick licks and super stokes wherever they go. Permanently clad in their traditional rock armor, they are a beautiful sight. Their thick facial hair and powerful mullets are a product of overflowing stoke and pulsing testosterone, bursting from the very pores of their alien skin.

Toward the end of the Earth year 2013 Shred All Fear traveled to the American Southwest to play their raddest show yet. The band climbed up some of the desert's nastiest towers and dangerous mountains in attempts to magnify the sound of their epic geetar solos. By elevating themselves to the sky that they came from, their sonic strings penetrated the Earths electromagnetic field and the Gospel of the Shred was magnified through out the solar system. Due to the outstanding success of that mission they have dedicated their lives to sharing the good word of the Super Stoke to everyone they can.

This is the story of those adventures.

Party Time USA


  1. Hey much fun running into you two at Fisher Towers today. You DUDES ROCK!
    Susan and Mike

    1. Thank you! Its alwyas great to meet fans while out and about! I hope you enjoyed the face melting geetar solos!

      Untill the next Gig,
      Brock and Rex (Shred All Fear)