Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Chest Billboards + Punk Rawk Patches

Do you constantly find yourself wondering, "Gee, I sure wish I had a way to express my undying love and excitement for SHRED ALL FEAR! It would be sooo great to have some way to show the world how cool they are (and me by association)" Well wish no more because we have got just the thing for you:


Chest Billboards?
YES dummy, Chest Billboards!! 

They're like a giant sign that you wear on your chest all friggin week that says, "Hey I think Rex and Brock are the raddest!! And if you didn't know about SAF well, now ya know! Also I liked them waaay before they were big famous sell outs sooo, yeah..."

As if that wasn't convenient enough, they are also the brightest pink we could possibly make them without melting your eyeballs. That means that no matter weather you're 10 pitches up El Cap, mountain biking on some remote trail, or even training for the Desk Jockey Olympics you'll be flossin so hard that ALL your photos will be keepers and ALL your friends will be jealous!

What's that you say? You've already got enough t shirts? You'd rather mend old clothes than spend on new ones? Don't worry we got you dirtbags covered too! Behold, the Shred All Fear Punk Rawk Patches:

Punk Rawk Patches
"Wow! That's so sick. I want one!!"
punk rawk patch

Also just for fun, the first 25 t shirt orders will include some kind of original artwork from either myself or the Brockinator. So, don't miss out on what could be your only chance at getting some priceless SAF pieces of ART!!! Either go to our merch page, or click the MERCH image on the side bar to get your very own piece of Shred All Fear \m/

Party Time Merchandise

-Rexxx "BonerJamz" McKenzie