Saturday, November 1, 2014

24HHH Air Geetar Battle

24hhh air geetar battle

Every year in September our man Andy "the Hair" Chasteen puts on the ultimate celebration of pain, suffering, and down right finger tip torture: 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell!!! Every year climbers from all over gather to sacrifice their skin and dignity to participate in this 24 hour endurance climbing competition.

This year Shred All Fear was invited to kick the after party off with a bang by holding an Air Gettar Battle. I tell you what, if you make a climber get after it for 24 hours straight, give'm a nearly unlimited amount of free booze, AND THEN ask them to shred the gnar gnar out of some geetar solos... Well you're gonna get the party started pretty damn quick like!

24hhh air geetar battle

Never Stop Partying

-Rex "BonerJamz" McKenzie