Sunday, December 22, 2013

Trapped In The MidWest!!!

Yes, yes, yes... we know. 

It has been FOREVER since we've posted and kept you all updated on our adventures. We've been getting the same emails over and over and I'll answer them all in order:

"I NEED more Shred All Fear in my life!!!"
Us too!! We are trying everything in our supernatural power to bring the super stoke to everyone we can! Help us spread the word!

"Why haven't you guys freakin posted lately?! Have you two fallen off the face of the Earth??"
Nah, we haven't fallen off just yet but we might as well have... WE ARE STUCK IN THE MIDWEST!! We have run out of gas money and have been trying our best to get to our next climbing destination in Meheeco, but the times is tough out here. Not to mention flat and frigg'n cold. As soon as we make it to our Mexico big walls we will be putting up so many rad posts your eyeballs will bulge and burst from all the bodacious badassry! PARTY!!!

"Are you guys sponsored climbers? I hope to be just like you when I grow up one day!"
No, young adventure shredder, unfortunately we are not sponsored climbers. We are the everyman...if every man had a siq mullet, mustache, and geetar that is! When we climb and travel and adventure we don't do it because we're pulling down the hardest climbs or breaking through new barriers of our sport. It's because we're super stoked on it. That's all. That's it. Every second we're on the road, party. Every pitch we climb no matter how hard or how easy, freaking party! Every time we get a chance to spread the good word of the shred, well you get the idea, Shred All Fear is super stoked. That being said if someone wanted to sponsor and help get us to Mexico well, of course we'd be psyched to have help getting to the next adventure!

Also, If you want to be like us follow these simple steps:

1. Grow manly mullet (ladies too!)
2. Grow even manlier mustache (yes ladies, you too!)
3. Get stoked
4. Get after it!

Finally, the email we get the most: 
"You guys are sooo manly and tough, every night that your handsome mullets grace my dreams I sleep a satisfied woman!! ;)"
Not really a question. But thanks, we know!!!

So there you have it doods and doodettes. We're stuck in the flatlands and until we can pan handle enough money to get to Meheeco we'll be stuck here playing around in the snow and ice. I guess some Colorado Koolaid and my new dalmation friend will have to keep me warm until then!

Party Time MEXICO? 

Rex "BonerJamz" McKenzie
Brock "Freedom Ain't Free" Steel

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