Friday, November 8, 2013


Where have the last 3 days gone???

Oh that's right, they went to raging hard in one of the most beautifully gnar places in the spaces:  ZION!!! For all ya'll foolie fools who don't know, Zion National Park is home to some of the sandiest-sandbagged-sick-nasty-sandstone this side of Saturn. With all of the rad routes to climb here (not to mention the lack of wifi) we lost track of time and forgot to keep the old b-log updated...Woops!!

Here's a quick recap:

We met up with our good friends Dick Dower, Dakota Walz, Jeremy Collins, and Corbin Brady. 

We climbed some sick routes in preparation for our main objective, Moonlight Buttress:

We climbed three pitches of world class rock in the pitch black of night. Then, deciding that it was time to go back to camp and drink some beer, we fixed 400 ft off rope and repelled to the ground. After a hardy night of party we woke up the next morning and jugged back up to our high point. 

After juggling back to our high point we hauled our geetars up in the haul bag behind us. Along with all our climbing gear that is a loooot of metal. Heavy metal. Can ya dig it?

After another 200ft of stellar aid climbing we ran into a problem. There were 2 parties above us also trying to reach the summit before sunset. Upon reaching the main roof in the center of the route our buzz was completely killed by the slow parties above. If we were to ever make it back to camp in time to party we would have to bail! So, being the rational doods we are, we pulled ropes and rapelled off the route.

Then we met all the nature. And got in touch with our spirit aminals. 

After 3 days of getting down and dirty in Zion it started to get too cold for the Brock-inator and his snot started to freeze on his stache.

As if all these sexy photos were not enough for ya we're currently working on the manliest, hairiest, rockenest music video we've shot yet. Stay posted for the release in the next day or so!!

Party Time USA

Rex "BonerJamz" Mckenzie

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