Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Party Rolls On

On this morning the desert sun comes down hard like hot lightning in my eyes. The twisted stale-sweet arome of smoke, broken dreams, perfume, glitter, and bad decions emits from the both of us. Like a shadow belonging to the night before, it vaguely reminds us of who we are and what we have done. Needless to say, our last night in the City of Lost Wages was one stellar party!!

We hooked up with SinClaire the Dinosour again for one more titilating tour of the city. We hit a few casinos, played a few guitar solos, got kicked out of a club once or twice, and found our way to some of the dirt-filth-nastiest strip clubs this disgustingly dope city had to unveil.  

Seeing as Las Vages seems to know how to party pretty hard already, it is time for us to get back on the boogey bus and haul ass to our next destination. Before we could leave though we had to have one last jam session with the super-incredi-rad couple who put up with our crazy-consta-partying all week; DICK AND NATALIE!!!!!

Along with with their new pup, Munchcin, these two legendary climbers gave us a place to sleep, eat, shower our sins away, and even taught us a little about how they keep their own party going through out the years. There isn't enough time between climbs to thank them enough for everything they have done for us. As crazy as it sounds, this week WE are the ones learning secrets of the forever stoke from an EARTHLING. Let alone TWO of them!! 

They may have had a lot to teach us about being rad climbers but it was Brock and I who taught them how to make it look gooooood!!

And so, we said our farewells to Dick n Nat, all Brock's favorite strippers, and of course, the mountains that allowed our thunderous-face-grinding geetar riffs to penetrate the stratosphere and glaze the land in a thick hazey glow of super stoke.

Part Time USA

Rex "BonerJamz" Mckenzie

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