Friday, April 11, 2014



We're here in Calixico, USA enjoying every last bit of good ole Merican freedom we can before we plunge down into the great unknown. We've eaten as much Mcdonalds breakfast as we can, waved a few dozen flags, saluted a flock of eagles, and played the national anthem (Freebird) one last time before we dawn our sombreros and disappear across the boarder. 

Behold the quintessential desert shopping cart:

 We got as many goldfish as we could afford and just enough water for them to swim in. If you're in the desert, miles away from civilization, you'd better hope you got enough goldfish to last you.

El Gran Trono Blanco awaits somewhere south in wild wild Mexico. It's elusive 1800 ft granite dome will be not only a challenge to climb but also an adventure to even find! Years of rumors and misinformation cloud the massive dome's whereabouts and route beta. There are no guarantees that our mustaches will bask in the Mexican summer sun's glorious summit shine. In fact, I'm sure that in only a few short hours our skin will be blistered, red, and tight from its constant abuse. Regardless to stand on the summit, broiling or not, is all I can think or dream about. 

See ya in a week suckahs!!

-Rex "BonerJamz" McKenzie
Brock "Freedom Ain't Free" Steel

Ps. Big ups to everyone who has taken the time to throw a couple bucks into our gas tank. You are all the marrow of the world and the Semi Raddest folks around!!

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