Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Major League Butt Kick'n is Back in Town!

Shred All Fear is back in full force and jammin harder than ever in Zion National Park. After doing some bicep bursting free climbing on the Organ we hiked up to Angels Landing, ran passed all the scared tourists, and signed autographs for those who recognized us or were stoked off our dance moves. The summit view was comparable to the Old Volcano Towers Ridge in Saturn's outer rim. Which if you haven't climbed out there, is freaking stellar.

 Also a chipmunk took a great liking to Brock and his mullet. Maybe he could smell Brock's inner animal... or maybe it was just his feet. Either way they became best friends.

Party Time USA...
For now..

-Rex 'BonerJamz' McKenzie
Brock 'Freedom Ain't Free' Steel

P.S. You jerks, Mr. Bryan Schillig is the only one whose had the decency to donate to our gas fund! What a stand up, handsome, powerful, hairy hairy man.

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