Saturday, April 5, 2014


Ropes coiled... Rack in the car... Geetars tuned... Biceps pumped and flexed...


It's time to get off the damn couch and shake off the snow. We're headed back to the desert! We've summoned all the stoke we could possibly gather and are prepared to ride it all the way to Wild Wild Meeheco! 

Some of our homies back on Saturn have set up a base camp here in Kansas City called Moosejaw. Being the uncontrollably  handsome doods and doodettes they are, they threw us an INSANE tour kick-off party! We got hooked up with all kinds of rad goodies and supplies. The most essential of course being the chips and salsa!! (duh)

The President of the Kansas City Climbing Club came out to show us a few cords and learn us a little about how to color coordinate like a friggin champion!

Big ups to our hometown planet homies Paul and Ryan and everyone else at Moosebutt for kicking our trip off right and reminding us why we do what we do: 
At the end of the day life is a joke and if you're not laughing... then you just don't get it. 

So friends, lovers, and party peoples from aaall planets please follow us on our journey as we set sail for our biggest adventure yet. From the American Southwest to the remote Great White Throne and back up to the world famous Great Stone. We are racked and ready for all of the above and even a few surprises along the way.

Hide your projects, Shred All Fear is saddled up and set to crush!

-Rex "BonerJamz" Mckenzie
Brock "Freedom Ain't Free" Steel

P.S. Didya notice we got a donate button up there now?

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