Tuesday, October 29, 2013

To, Away

My burly brotherman, Brock, and I have been constantly traveling your planet Earth for many years. Sharing the forever stoke that the Gospel of the Shred teaches has been a mind numbing party. Some days the road is rad and takes us to the great beauties of the universe. Other times the road can be a complete soul crusher (like when driving through Kansas on a hung over Sunday with no open liquor stores for miles). All times the road does not end. We make many stops, but as long as there are people who could use our stoke, the road does not end. 

Could we simply hop into T.I.F.F.A.N.Y after our climb and cruise back to Saturn's Secret Sun? Duh, no problem. Would it be even easier for us to just give up on the dream of showing the whole planet how to party forever? Shit yeah! The babes back home are way more babe-alicous AND they already know how to get down. But that will not happen.

The world we are from may be alien to most. Earthlings may not understand our ability to keep the party going no matter what kind of turn the road takes. But that is our mission. We WILL find the perfect peak to shred our ultimate geetar solos from. We WILL reach everyone we can. And they WILL learn the secrets of the Gospel of the Shred.

The road to the forever stoke does not end. And even if it did, we would run to it. 

We would run forever.

Party Time USA

Rex "BonerJamz" Mckenzie

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