Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Yellow Stream of Victory

Today we began climbing the great mountains of Las Vegas known as Red Rocks. We started early. Not just the regular 1:30pm earthquake hang over early, but the big boy sunrise-tearing-at-our-eyelids early. We left the cozy steel towers full of hot mammas, loose slots,amps that crank to 11, and headed out for the rock towers of the desert. 

The blisters we get from our rad riffs came in handy when pulling ourselves up these crumbly cracks and flaky faces. 777 ft of amazing climbing that was even funnier than wining at the sluts. Er- I mean slots...

What a weird trip, going from partying on red velvet carpets to sumitting in the Black Velvet Canyon. Although this peak was great for playing geetar solo covers of "Viva Los Vegas", I think we can find a better, bigger, badder place to send our righteous sounds into the stratosphere. The search will continue. For now we just celebrate with a few shotgunned PBRs and a pause to mark our territory.

Party Time USA

Rex "BonerJamz" Mckenzie 

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